A Eulogy

1999-2001 was an interesting period for me; for us all. It was the time of the DotCom bubble, the time of the internet technology boom not seen seen since the the old days of Radio and TV.

During my days as a professional-techno-geek was borne Axioms.Org. This was the homepage for my New Age/Ambient shoutcast stream. I imagine if you found your way here, you're looking for your audio fix.

When I made huge changes in my life in late 2001, Axioms changed as well. I left control of the stream to others who probably didn't share my emotional attachment to Axioms. Those who controlled it let it run for a period of time (for whatever reason), then they humanely let it die.

While the stream no longer lives in public, the collection lives and grows with me and is very much alive!

Axioms' what it was because of you.