Pacific Crest Trail - 2005
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Coon Creek Jumpoff
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Camp at Coon Creek Jump Off
The coyotes were baying very close last night, I don't think they liked my spot.

Today was an interesting day.

My first stop was the descent to Mission Creek for water. The water was fast compared to '02. Anyways, as I was pumping water with my filter a small tube on the filter popped off....right into Mission Creek. Buh-bye. So I'm sitting there with this useless piece of plastic in my hand once used as a water filter. That little hose never did that before. Bad hose. And oh, I don't carry backup purification. Doh!

So, for the rest of the day and tomorrow, I will use no treatment whatsoever. Drink straight from the creek. It's unlikely that I'll develop any sickness but that's why we filter, as a precaution.

Speaking of Mission Creek, this was not the creek I knew and loved in '02, it's wild with a mind of it's own. I spent all morning crossing and recrossing that beast all morning as it snaked its way up canyon. On that note I'd like to commend the trail gurus responsible for this area. Every crossing had a dropped log across the creek preventing us dainty hikers from getting our shoes wet. You guys did a great job!

Also, on the way up I found bear tracks along the creek. That's the first sign of bear I've seen on this trip.

The good news is I'm now up in the mountains around 8400 feet.

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